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There are a ton of LED grow lights available nowadays, all from various manufacturers, with their own unique features. In order to determine the right light for you, you will need to take a lot of things into account. How many plants will you be growing? How much yield do you want to produce? Do you prefer to buy from a more expensive, trusted brand or the cheapest option? There is no wrong answer, everyone has different priorities. But it’s important consider all your options before buying. GalaxyHydro LED grow lights are definitely some of the most affordable lights that you can buy, and you can have great success from growing with them. In this review, we will cover three GalaxyHydro lights from their Waterproof Strip-style line of LED grow lights.

GalaxyHydro LED Strip Design

Construction & Design

The GalaxyHydro Waterproof LED grow lights are a strip-style light. These are some of the most compact and versatile LED grow lights we have seen, because of their small size and maneuverability. They have varying numbers of a single-row of LEDs mounted within a long aluminum strip mount. There are three models available, a 22-inch, 34-inch, and 45-inch, each with 18, 27 and 36 LEDs, respectively. Of course, increasing the amount of LEDs increases the energy usage in watts. For a full comparison, check out the table lower down. Aluminum is a great material for these lights to be manufactured from. Aluminum is extremely lightweight, while still maintaining a greater strength to weight ratio than stainless steel. In addition, aluminum is very conductive of thermal energy. In other words, it dissipates heat very effectively. In addition, the grow lights hold a waterproof rating of IP65. This rating means the lights are fully sealed and dustproof, in addition to being completely protected from jets of water at any angle. 

This great feature takes away a lot of the stress when watering your plants, not having to worry about accidentally soaking them in water causing damage to the fixtures. It also makes them and ideal option for those with automatic sprinkler jets mounted.

Fans and Heat

The extremely compact design of this particular line of GalaxyHydro lights does have a trade off, in that they were left with no space to mount fans directly in the fixtures, unlike many of the other models we have reviewed. Fans in grow lights function to cool the air around the LEDs and remove excess heat. Of course, LEDs do produce a fraction of the heat that HPS or HID lights do (link to blog post), however, any kind of electrical equipment will inevitably produce a little bit of heat. This can be either a blessing or curse depending on how you look at it, and depending on your unique growing environment. Each strain you grow will have different requirements and preferences for a growing temperature, but typically your grow room should be around 66 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit for cannabis (link to blog post). If your space is typically a bit colder than that, a little heat from your LEDs will be a good thing to help maintain an optimal temperature. If the heat produced from the LEDs will push the temperature past ideal growing temps, then you may need to invest in some fans to help cool your space. Another benefit of the lack of fans is that they don’t produce any noise – perfect if you need to keep your growing space more discrete.

GalaxyHydro LED Strip Color

Light Produced

Each GalaxyHydro aluminum strip has both red and blue LEDs. The 22-inch model has 14 red LEDS and 4 blue LEDs, the 34-inch strip has 21 reds and 6 blues, and the 45-inch model has 28 reds and 8 blues. In general, the red LEDs has a wavelength (630nm) of light that mainly drives photosynthesis in your plants through chlorophyll I and chlorophyll II and are more energy efficient than other colours. The light from the blue LEDs (470nm)  is not quite as efficient for plants to use (link to blog post) but are important in producing nice bushy plants (link to auxin blog post). Unfortunately, GalaxyHydro does not provide any PAR/PPF/PPFD data to determine an actual measured amount of light being emitted and reaching the plant. But the GalaxyHydro Waterproof Strip Lights do produce enough light to grow big, healthy plants thanks to their large ratio of red to blue lights. Unfortunately there is no information available to indicate to us the angle of the LED secondary lenses. Because the one row of LEDs does not produce a very wide footprint, depending on the size of your plants, you will likely need more than one of these lights mounted side-by-side.
Set-up and Installation

The GalaxyHydro Waterproof strip lights are easy to install, and with two options available. The lights can be hung above your plants, for which we recommend using adjustable ratchet ropes (amazon link). However, each light strip also has two adjustable aluminum adjustable brackets on the frame, that ran rotate the entire fixture 180 degrees. The brackets can easily be fastened to the ceiling or another solid frame using simple screws or nails. The brackets ensure that you are able to mount your LED grow lights at the optimal angle for your growing space. Many of the LED grow lights we review are intended to be installed hanging above your plants. However, some of the light may not penetrate the entire plant because the vegetation or bloom may block the light being emitted. The GalaxyHydro strip lights are unique in their size, shape and weight, in that you could easily mount them horizontally or vertically on either side of your plant, to ensure light is reaching your plant at all angles. You could use 3x of the fixtures in an upside-down U-shape around your lights, or use 2x of these fixtures to supplement a larger, hanging LED grow-light. The cable that runs from the light to the driver is 44 inches long, and the cable that runs from the driver to the plug is 27 inches long.

Power draw & Efficiency

A power-supplying driver is included with each fixture to provide consistent power to each LED. It is important to remember that directly daisy-chaining lights together is not safe practice, and each light should be connected to their own power source. The lights have an input voltage of AC85-265V, making it instantly compatible with North American household outlets. The three different models of the GalaxyHydro LED strip lights have differing wattages, due to the number of LEDs mounted in the fixtures.

Model# of 3W LEDsMaximum WattageActual Wattage
22-inch1854W26W ± 5%
34-inch2781W39W ± 5%
45-inch36108W52W ± 5%

Lifespan & Warranty

The GalaxyHydro LED Waterproof Strip multi-angle grow lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, slightly on the shorter side for LED grow lights. In addition, the lights include a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from GalaxyHydro.

Are the GalaxyHydro LED Strip Lights right for you?

The GalaxyHydro LED grow lights in this review have a lot going for them. The aluminum body is lightweight, strong and dissipates heat fairly effectively. The lack of fans however does cause the lights to produce a small amount of heat – which can be good or bad depending on your growing space. Their long and thing design and model sizes allows them to be very versatile in the way they are set-up in your growing space: directly above the plants, or perhaps on either side. The waterproof rating makes them ideal for humid growth spaces or automatic watering systems. The mix of blue and red lights are optimal for plant growth, but because we do not have any data to confirm the quality of light produced being measured using PAR or PPFD you are taking a bit of a gamble in this aspect. However, the lifespan, affordability and low wattage use of the GalaxyHydro LED waterproof strip lights remain its greatest features.

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